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AQUATREK FITNESS TREADMILL POOLS is a pool and a harbour where the people can relax in the stressful life.

It’s a treadmill and a place for people to relieve stress after heavy work.

It is also a rehabilitation assistance product and a powerful partner for the injured patients in the rehabilitation process.

You will see it in all kinds of high-end clubs, and it will make you feel healthy and comfortable at every moment.


Product Description

Size: 5460×2280×1360/1500mm, 214.9"×89.7"×53.5/59.0"

Water Capacity: 2100 gal

Colour: White

Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz

Shell: Acrylic

  1. Temperature: 15℃~28℃
  2. Water tank: 1PC
  3. Steel frame: 1PC
  4. LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
  5. Waterline light: 48PCS(Seven kinds of color)
  6. Drain valve: 1PC
  7. Intake valve: 1PC
  8. Circulation pump 1HP: 1PC
  9. Ozonator: 1PC
  10. Heater 3KW: 1PC
  11. Filter: 2PC
  12. Control(Balboa): 1PC
  13. Treadmill: 4PCS
  14. 7 “touch frequency conversion system: 4PCS
  15. Heart rate test system: 4PCS
  16. Hydraulic drive system: 4PCS
  17. Insulation: 1PC

  1. PVC cabinet: 1PC
  2. Heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
  3. PVC step: 1PC
  4. Energy-saving devices(R-10): 1PC
  5. Tub tray: 1PC
  6. Cabinet LED light: 4PCS
  7. Rest chair: 1PC (No more than 3 chairs).
  8. Powerful massage water gun: 1PC (No more than 4 pcs).
  9. Resistance nozzle: 1PC(No more than 4 pcs).
  10. Remote monitoring system: 1PC