Aquatic iRecovery Treadmill


In order to let the disable people enjoy spa treatment, AQUATREK developed vertical barrier-free electric lifting columns, this device can deliver the disable people into the spas safely and conveniently. With the help of the paramedics, the disable people moved from the outside into the spas with a special wheelchair, the users no need to move twice and reduce the workload of paramedics.

A treadmill pool with dual purpose for rehabilitation training and body-building is exclusive product from AQUATREK. The treadmill pool adopted an integration design meeting the needs of everyday use for patients or healthy people, it also can match with barrier-free lifting system to carry patient into pool.

By frequency conversion and two-stage transmission technology, it offers two modes: Therapy and Sport, speed scope of Therapy mode is 100meters to 1000meters per hour which up to the medical speed requirement for rehabilitation training, speed scope of Sport mode is 1000meters to 8000meters per hour which meet motion speed requirement for body-building.


Product Description

Size: 3400×2280×1360/1500mm,  133.8"×89.7"×53.5/59"

Water Capacity: 1100 gal

Colour: White

Seating Capacity: 3 Person

Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz

Shell: Acrylic

  1. Hot tub: 1PC
  2. Heavy duty Steel frame: 1PC
  3. Water jets: Total hydro therapy Jets 10PCS
  4. Fiber optic light: 35 PCS(Seven kinds of color)
  5. LED light: 1PC
  6. Drain valve: 1PC
  7. Intake valve: 2PCS
  8. Hydro massage pump 3HP: 1PCS
  9. Circulation pump 1HP: 1PC
  10. Ozonator: 1PC
  11. Heater 3KW: 1PC
  12. Cartridge Filter: 2PC
  13. Control(Balboa): 1PC
  14. Air Control Valves: 2 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi
  15. Cabinet: 1PC
  16. Insulation: 1PC
  17. PVC step: 1PC
  18. Heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
  19. Tub tray: 1PC
  20. Treadmill(Super wide): 1PC
  21. 7″touch frequency conversion system: 1PC
  22. Heart rate test system: 1PC
  23. Dual-speed system: 1PC
  24. Powerful massage water guu: 1PC
  25. Resistance nozzle: 1PC
Lifting gear:

Lifter : 1PC

Seat: 1PC

Cart: 1PC


Energy-saving devices(R-10): 1PC

Remote monitoring system: 1PC

Cabinet LED light: 4PCS

Cover: 1PC