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“We are constantly committing to creating a healthy and comfortable life with technology.”

Simple Is Beautiful

Our products are designed keeping the customer in mind, suiting both the aesthetic and the practical.

Competitive Prices

The most competitively prices underwater treadmills and hydrotherapy setups on the market.

Quality Is King

Although our products have the most competitive prices, our work culture demands that quality remains our top priority.

24/7 Customer Service

Round the clock support, literally! Go ahead, call any of our customers and see what they say

Easy To Use

You do not have to go through a ‘TIME CONSUMING HYDROTHERAPY’ course to learn how to use our products!..

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AQUATREK offers aquatic therapy solutions to Healthcare Centre, Hospitals, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, Sports Institutes, Physiotherapy Colleges etc. Our responsible team member will provide you more information:

  • Details about the therapeutic advantages of AQUATREK technology.
  • A description of the various patient populations who can benefit from water therapy.
  • Installation best practices and design ideas.
  • Information on our world-class service team and our direct maintenance and service model.
  • An interactive ROI and profit analyser session for you to run the profitability numbers tailored to your setup.


Sport Fitness

Sports fitness rehabilitation physiotherapy planning and design for rehabilitation centre

  • The products mainly include three series of AQUATREK aquatic equipment, barrier-free auxiliary equipment and water rehabilitation sports equipment.
  • AQUATREK water sports training equipment utilize the therapeutic properties of water to set up a relatively gravity-free environment, which can help patents achieve ideal physiotherapy effects for who need muscle training and treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.
  • AQUATREK can provide personalized solutions upon different needs of customers for customized products to make sure they perfectly match high-end clubs, spas, rehabilitation centers, health centers.

Running in the water is a new running way to keep fit, loss weight, and anti-injury.

The integrated portable design and intelligent control system meet the uninterrupted requirements of fitness and rehabilitation. Equipped with powerful water gun which can quickly convert or excrete accumulated lactic acid in muscle producing during exercise.

The monitoring system is installed so that the patient or user can perform rehabilitation and exercise training without the presence of a doctor or a coach.


Barrier-free auxiliary equipment

The equipment obtained a number of national and international testimonials. Let user get into hot AQUATREK fitness treadmill pool of Hydrotherapy center or athlete muscle recovery training sink of rehabilitation center more easily, improve the well-being of rehabilitation patients.

Professional Training Pool

AQUATREK adopt propeller technology, frequency conversion technology, apply special designed counter flow device to produce laminar flow, speed of the flow can be switched, the maximum flow rate reach at 2.3m/s, it is the best choice for natatorium. The unique utter effect of propeller technology resonates with the fat in human body to consume excess fat, which is good for weight loss. If AQUATREK underwater treadmill be installed at front of counter flow device, it will be the best spa rehabilitation equipment for recovery and rehabilitation.