AQUATREK- 600 Independent Elit...


The stand-alone underwater treadmill is mainly composed of treadmill body and hydraulic drive station.

Treadmill body is equipped with 304 stainless steel handrail and frame, 450mm wide running belt and IP65 Waterproof Bluetooth wireless control panel.

The running belt can support the weight of 150 Kgs. The control panel can be removable, with wireless charging stand.

Hydraulic drive station placed on shore adopts class F 2.2KW powerful motor with flywheel, ensure buffer shutdown. Meanwhile, the treadmill is connected with hydraulic drive station by anti-corrosion insulated hydraulic oil pipe, so water and electricity is separated.

The speed range of treadmill is 1-8 km/h which can meet different exercise needs.

This treadmill can be used in concrete pool, welding swimming pool and assembled pool.

In a word, the underwater treadmill is safe and reliable, easy to install and operate.

AQUATREK- 600 Underwater Treadmill

Product Description

Model: AQUATREK- 600

Size: 1500*780*1650mm<1.2㎡

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Rated power: 2.5KW

Bearing: 150KG

Suitable for sports water depth: 1.1-1.3m

Net weight: 53KG

Gross weight: 122KG

Speed: 1.5-9.0km/h

Width of running belt: 450×1340mm

IP65 Waterproof Bluetooth wireless control panel: LED digital display

Wireless charging stand: 1 pc

Display usage time, calories, mileage, speed

Class F powerful motor with flywheel, Ensure buffer shutdown

Area covered: 840*490*900mm<0.5㎡

Hydraulic oil quantity: 35L

Net weight of Hydraulic station: 115KG

Gross weight of Hydraulic station: 145KG

Anti-corrosion insulated hydraulic oil pipe: 4m×2pcs

Independent hydraulic drive, wireless Bluetooth remote control, safe and reliable

The roller design is convenient to move

Quality: CE