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The increasingly busy modern city, the rapid pace of life, heavy workload, all bring people various pressure. Proper exercise can not only release the stress, but also strengthen the body and keep healthy. The AQUATREK FITNESS sport POOLS, a pool with TREADMILL, allows you to enjoy the convenience of technology while relaxing and exercising. Luxury design style allows you to enjoy every healthy exercise time.


Product Description

Size: 3400×2280×1360/1500mm, 133.8"×89.7"×53.5/59.0"

Water Capacity: 1100 gal

Colour: White

Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz

Shell: Acrylic

  1. Temperature: 15℃~28℃
  2. Water tank: 1PC
  3. Steel frame: 1PC
  4. LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
  5. Waterline light: 28PCS(Seven kinds of color)
  6. Drain valve: 1PC
  7. Intake valve: 1PC
  8. Circulation pump 1HP: 1PC
  9. Ozonator: 1PC
  10. Heater 3KW: 1PC
  11. Filter: 1PC
  12. Control(Balboa): 1PC
  13. Treadmill: 2PCS
  14. 7 “touch frequency conversion system: 2PCS
  15. Heart rate test system: 2PCS
  16. Hydraulic drive system: 2PCS
  17. Insulation: 1PC

  1. PVC cabinet: 1PC
  2. Heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
  3. PVC step: 1PC
  4. Energy-saving devices(R-10): 1PC
  5. Tub tray: 1PC
  6. Cabinet LED light: 4PCS
  7. Rest chair: 1PC (No more than 1 chairs).
  8. Powerful massage water gun: 1PC (No more than 2 pcs).
  9. Resistance nozzle: 1PC (No more than 2 pcs).
  10. Remote monitoring system: 1PC