AQUATREK – The premier and exclusive brand of hydrotherapy treadmills and pools

AQUATREK is the premier and exclusive brand in the hydrotherapy market and we are so passionate about our conviction in hydrotherapy that our name says it all! The core team at AQUATREK has vast experience providing the expertise required to create the best in underwater treadmills and hydrotherapy setups. Our philosophy has always been to deliver a quality product by focusing our design on innovation, smart technology, aesthetics, and simplicity with functionality. We pride ourselves in offering a product that is reliable, easy-to-use and versatile.
HEALTHTREK- We strive hard to keep your health on trek


The AQUATREK is a premier and exclusive product in the field of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation. HEALTHTREK HEALHCARE introduces the AQUATREK as an innovative hydrotherapy treadmill and Pool. Along with aquatic rehabilitation, the AQUATREK can also be used for fitness training and weight control. The natural buoyancy of water provides a low impact but high intensity workout which is especially important for patients in ‘recovery’ mode. With adjustable water temperatures and water levels, the AQUATREK makes rehab, fitness training, or weight control a relaxing experience. The new premium look of the AQUATREK allows the setup to blend easily into its surroundings even in the most upscale clinics, hospitals, or homes. The AQUATREK is designed for function but the designers at HEALTHTREK have kept in mind the maxim “simple is beautiful”. The AQUATREK is a high quality product that is beautiful, robust, convenient, and user friendly, for both, operator and patient. Being a proud underwater treadmill manufacturer, AQUATREK assures a complete hydrotherapeutic treatment for people of all ages and abilities. With an attractive and smart touch screen, the AQUATREK has shown itself to be a user’s delight. The AQUATREK comes with factory fitted ‘jets’ that are designed to increase resistance throughout a workout session. Additionally, the AQUATREK’s innovative feature makes hydrotherapy a breeze! The AQUATREK assures excellent durability. AQUATREK could be a unique preposition for any individuals, properties, Hospitals, Sports academies, Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy clinics .For gyms and physical therapy clinics, adding the AQUATREK as a commercial underwater treadmill makes sense because it is both, a highly profitable investment and a valuable asset that allows them to help people in need reach their fitness and rehabilitation goals.

 AQUATREKis the ultimate training and recovery tool. Its low impact workout yields high impact results with less joint stress, muscle fatigue, and injury. Athletes can work harder, recover faster, and stay in the game. It’s a rehabilitation tool that allows for conditioning during recovery with faster results.“AQUATREK combines the joy of RELIEF, RECOVERY & REJUVENATION in a unique Hydrotherapy Pool & aquatic treadmill.

 AQUATREK is the unique product in the market, it is known for STATE–OF–ART Quality with higher performance. We are committed to maintaining international quality norms.


AQUATREK can be used in a broad range of applications, with multiple end uses such as Post Surgery Rehab, Arthritis & Fibromyalgia, Back and Spinal Pain, Obesity, Sports rehabilitation, Paralysis, cerebral palsy, Sports rehab and sports conditioning, Ante and post natal, Weight loss and various sports activities.

Post-operative rehabilitation for the following operations:

Pre and Post Knee Surgery, ACL Knee Surgery

Ankle Fusion Surgery, Femur Replacement

Fractured Foot, Fractured Pelvis

Hip Replacement, Shoulder Surgery, Spinal Surgery

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